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Photo by Janet Bark

Photo by Janet Bark

Whether I’ve met them or not -and I’ve met none of them- all my photography heroes photograph people. Mary Ellen Mark, Alex Webb, Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann, Linsey Addario just to name a few are all interested in human stories to understand themselves through their photos. I’m no different. As a photographer, I make pictures to explore and understand my own humanity and the people around me. 

This might be the result of being a shy only child raised by the people I saw on tv and in the fantasy novels I read. I have always been interested in stories and in knowing what “the other” had to offer... other people, languages, cultures, opinions, etc. Because I have traveled a bit and lived in several different countries for half of my life, the experience of being an outside looking in gave me a need to create human connections with people different than me. I learned incredibly valuable lessons about empathy, friendship and about listening. It taught me that if I let others in, they would -in turn- let me in. 

Basically, it taught how to be a photographer. 


Today, I am a far cry from that child and I don't just want to read about stories others have created for me, I want my photography to serve as a tool to inform, document and tell beautiful -honest- stories.

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